Disney’s Mulan To Be Released To Disney Plus Before Theaters

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, home theaters are refuge for movie-goers.

Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan, based on the classic Chinese folktale, is yet another major blockbuster production affected by COVID-19. Mulan was delayed multiple times from its planned March release.

2020’s Mulan features many actors and actresses already popular in China. The new movie stars Chinese actress Liu Yifei (The Forbidden Kingdom) as Hua Mulan, a young maiden who takes her father’s place when men across ancient China are called to arms. Mulan also employs iconic martial arts actors Donnie yen (Ipman) and Jet Li (Hero) as the characters of Commander Tung and the Emperor, respectively.

For Disney, choosing to release Mulan to their streaming service Disney Plus provides greater certainty from a financial perspective, especially as theater closures in the coming months remain unpredictable.

Netflix’s Avatar and the final instalment of Star Wars are two more highly-anticipated upcoming films delayed by a year.

Go Behind the Scenes of Disney's Mulan in New Photos – BeautifulBallad
On the set of Disney's Mulan, before major delays brought upon by COVID-19

Mulan and other movies at home

On the other hand, the growth of at-home streaming is expected to accelerate, especially given that major productions like Disney, which also owns rights to the massively popular Marvel series, are turning to these services.

For everyone at home, whether because of new remote work circumstances, quarantine, state-mandated curfews, and more all around the world, the best triple-A films are now available at the click of a button.

The market of movie streaming services is growing increasingly diverse and competitive. Popular names include Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and Apple TV (as well as Disney Plus). A monthly subscription is usually required to access these “online video stores”, from an average of $6-20/month for general membership, roughly equal to the price of a movie ticket to watch one movie in physical theaters. This is not mention the variety of free streaming alternatives like Crackle (with 8-Oscar-winning The Social Network) and Tubi (with Christopher Nolan’s Memento).

Trade-offs of movies outside of theaters

However, everyone knows that there are aspects that lead movie theaters to be able to charge more than streaming at home. For many, the theater experience is about 72-foot-wide IMAX screens, immersive surround sound and (the absence of) lighting. Additionally, it is near impossible to experience 3D movies outside of theaters in the current state of media. (In fact, the technology for 3D flatscreen TV’s exist, some formerly sold by LG. It is more a question of when media will release 3D movies more regularly to justify the technology for home use. As streaming services and movies continue to gobble up traditional TV viewers, maybe sooner than later.)

Sit back with home theater speakers

There is in fact a solution for many people asking these exact questions. What if we could, for example, upgrade our existing living room and really make use of the existing screens in our homes? With 46 million smart TVs in households in the US alone, according to eMarketer, often all that is missing is a great sound system.

Flatscreen TVs and smart TVs prioritize image quality, color accuracy, and thinness over sound quality. The thin bodies of the sleekest screens make it physically very difficult to generate clear sound and front-facing sound. Consequently, an investment in even the simplest speakers and TV soundbars can go a long way for your movie enjoyment.

A Solo Series TV is an easy way to elevate your movie-watching experience
Our Solo Series is a simple soundbar that delivers compact movie-ready surround sound.

Or, if you have the room real estate to spare, consider installing a dedicated home theater, complete with soundproofing, comfy seats, and cinematic surround sound from a dedicated home theater audio system.

If cinematic surround sound is what you need, checkout this 4-speaker setup specifically designed for the average home theater.

Finishing touches – Popcorn!

We cannot forget the popcorn. Remember to pay attention to your local social distancing guidelines when out shopping for your microwave popcorn of choice. Alternatively, consider making popcorn from scratch. We will leave you a simple 10-minute recipe from Cookie+Kate.

This September 4th, when Mulan releases on Disney Plus, know that you can still enjoy your favorite films to the fullest possible.

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