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Made-in-China is one of the largest leading platforms in virtual tradeshows in China. In 2020, what should Chinese vendors do and not do in preparation for online exhibiting?


Made-in-China is a major B2B e-commerce platform with various services that connect SME suppliers to buyers around the world. Made-in-China’s “Smart Expo” is a rapidly growing service that accompanies major tradeshows in China and around the world with a virtual equivalent.  As large physical gatherings are shut down in the wake of COVID-19, more and more tradeshow organizers move to services like Smart Expo.

For businesses with products in electronics, auto parts, machinery, home appliances, and everything in between, becoming a virtual tradeshow vendor could give a much-needed boost in a time when consumer and businesses spending habits are changing significantly. As of the time of writing, “Smart Expo” boasts more than 20 different expos for a whole range of industries in the remainder of 2020 alone. For a full list of events, dates, and industries, click here.  

Coming Soon

From July 19 to July 23, Made-in-China will be hosting an International Manufacturing Expo.  

What Can New Vendors Expect

One of the main challenges of transitioning the conventional tradeshow experience online is making it easy for vendors to discuss and answer questions from prospective buyers. Smart Expo addresses this issue with live online meetings. By live video chat, registered buyers on Made-in-China can talk with vendors face-to-face in real time. Live video chats then become a valuable opportunity for vendors to pitch their products and to boost their chances of closing major deals.

However, it is very important for SMEs to see the strategic opportunities and risks behind virtual online exhibiting. Even though, for many businesses, adapting to new platforms is a necessity given the current economy and global health crisis, a poor performance on live video chats can discourage or turn-off buyers more than enticing them.

First impressions are everything, are there are several key mistakes vendors can make that quickly make the opportunities of virtual tradeshow exhibiting mute.

4 Worst Things to Have in Your Tradeshow Live Chatroom

Boring display

A background that is too plain signals your company’s level of attention to detail and bores visitors. Consider putting your products in view or adding a slideshow or video in background. These are simple tricks to keep visitors engaged, even when you are briefly outside the camera’s view.

Messy room and background

If the atmosphere of your exhibit room is unorganized, you risk signalling that your company is unprepared and unprofessional. The standard of quality your company displays on virtual tradeshows should equal the expectations for any formal business engagement.

External distractions and noise

Many inexperienced exhibitors do not host their video exhibiting in a dedicated room. The result is that a boundary between the broadcast and the rest of the office environment is not enforced. As a result, background noise from conversation and visual distractions of co-workers walking in and out of frame become frequent. Without a space with proper soundproofing and visual isolation, the vendor comes across as lacking in budget and quality. This also gives buyers the sense they aren’t the company’s first priority, which ultimately undermines, in the buyer’s mind, the reputation of the vendor’s leadership and management. The company’s investment in its marketing and brand image becomes buyers’ instinctive measure for the company’s standards of quality in their products and services. Quality in the products alone is not enough without an equally high-quality platform to which to display and market them. Preparing a dedicated space for live broadcasts then becomes a very cost-effective way to improve a company’s metrics at virtual tradeshows.  

Cheap cameras, cheap microphones, and low video and audio quality

Low quality streams make effective communication difficult. With low video and audio quality, hiccups in the selling process make successful sales all the more difficult. A vendor’s live chat room quality is equal to the company’s overall perceived quality, so technical difficulties, sound distortions, video lag and blur all add to a negative brand image.

We provide a service designed for Chinese SMEs to make preparations for virtual tradeshows incredibly easy. We directly solve all these issues and more with our specialized live broadcast room design and construction. We build off our own experience exhibiting through Smart Expo as well as our own professional audio design experience to eliminate every new roadblock for virtual tradeshow vendors. We are currently serving businesses anywhere in China. When is your next tradeshow? Our average project will require a week. Learn more about our services and submit a free inquiry today.

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