Many young product-centered businesses lack the tools to get a strong start. We deliver those tools and services to power everyday people and the trustworthy businesses that support them, too.


"The moment" matters to everyone. Families want to treasure their time together. Professional artists want to deliver a performance to remember.

At the core of Listener Pro, we are dedicated to our values of community. Our Shenzhen-based team believes in the power of sound as a means of connecting people. Making access to high quality sound more equitable, means stronger, more connected communities, big and small.

We know audio device innovation can go further. And with our research and development experience, we push to see premium sound experiences belong in everyone's hands.

Adam Wang

Job Titile
_______ University School of Business

Barry Li

Job Title
Porsche, Adidas, Bose

Christopher Liu

Job Title
University of ________, PhD

David Chen

PCB Engineer
Microsoft, Anker, Sony


Listener Pro Technology Co., Ltd. has always taken technology research and development innovation as the core competitiveness of our products. Our professional research and development team combines the expertise of advanced hardware and software engineers. Our team come from projects in developing a full range of audio products, internal modules, software, PCB and motherboard design, and industrial integration. We are adamant about providing strong technical support for our products.

Listener Pro is based in Shenzhen, China, taking an innovative approach to professional and home audio, with existing products in digital wireless in-ear monitor systems, digital wireless stage performance systems, long-range audio transmission, interview recording, and more. In the consumer market, we strive to bring a new level of simplicity to classic wireless home theater audio, wireless Bluetooth speakers, TWS earbuds, and other products. At the beginning of the company's establishment, funding from angel investors further drove our competitive core technology, professional research and development department, and passionate marketing.


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Home Audio

The latest home theater and wireless speaker products for excellent everyday sound. We design for the people in your life who deserve quality sound at value.

Pro Audio

Unleash the creative with professional-grade audio quality to meet the standards of any stage performance, business conference, tour guide event, and more.


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